Local High School Closes After Reports of Swine Flu

A Radnor high school, Archbishop Carroll, was closed yesterday and will be closed today after one of its students was diagnosed with swine flu, while two other students showed symptoms of the same illness. On Wednesday, the high school had an absentee rate of 38 percent with many students reporting flu like symptoms. After consulting with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, school officials decided to close the school and have it thoroughly sanitized.

The parents of all the students at Archbishop Carroll who work will have to consider whether they can leave their teenager, who may be sick, home alone. If the parent has paid sick time then this decision will be much easier, however, for those without paid sick time (nearly 50 percent of all Pennsylvanians) the choice will be between their child’s wellbeing and loss of pay or potentially their job.

The tough decision being made by many parents of Archbishop Carroll students will unfortunately be one many Pennsylvanians and Americans will have to make this flu season. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is asking people to stay home if they feel ill and asking parent to keep their children home if they are showing any symptoms of H1N1.

Those individuals without paid sick time are likely to ignore the CDC’s advice because they cannot afford to loose their pay or their job. Having paid sick days is not only good for parents and their children it is critical for the public health of our communities.

Tell us your story! Are you a parent who lost their job to stay home with a sick child? Are you a business owner who provides/supports paid sick days? Include your story in the comment section below.


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