H1N1 Flu Continues to Spread, Precautions Are Urged

Pennsylvania is among the 41 states reporting widespread flu activity this fall, and the H1N1 flu is the most commonly reported strain.

According to some officials, the power to slow the spread of H1N1 is in your hands by taking precautions such as covering coughs and sneezes as well as frequent hand washing. However, for some workers, the ability to stay home when sick is in the hands of local, state, and national legislators who have the power to pass legislation that ensures everyone can have earned sick days.

Congress is considering the Healthy Families Act, a groundbreaking piece of legislation that would guarantee workers up to seven paid sick days per year to recover from short-term illness, to care for a sick family member, for routine medical care, or to seek assistance related to domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.

A basic workplace standard of paid sick days would help prevent workers from being forced to choose between their own health or the health of their family and their paychecks or even their jobs, something of particular concern for many during this flu season. This legislation would keep our communities and businesses healthy by giving workers the all the tools to slow the spread of H1N1 this flu season.


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