Afternoon Budget Update

Today, the Senate voted, 42 to 7, to concur on House Bill 1416, sending the $27.8 billion general appropriations measure to the Governor.

Governor Ed Rendell now only needs the fiscal code to sign the budget. Earlier today, the Senate did approve a fiscal code but it had some differences to the fiscal code passed by the House.


  1. Thousands of day care providers, parents and their children were very negatively impacted by the budget stalemate. How will these providers and families recover lost wages, jobs that were traded to care for children left stranded without child care, etc? Human services and community development organizations will recover over time, but the people and communities they serve will have lost ground and precious time to work toward a better future. Who will repay these impacted low income and disenfranchised folks harmed by the greed and power games played by some in the PA Legislature??


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