Is There An App For That?

As the National Partnership's latest blog post points out, there are many new tools to track and deal with H1N1 (including an iPhone app that allows users to track and report outbreaks). However, the tool we really need is missing for many Americans:
....Yet, when we look beyond the hype, the actual prevention of the spread of the H1N1 virus is relatively uncomplicated. Government officials are simply asking workers to stay home when they are sick, and to keep sick children home from school. Of course, there’s other advice, including coughing into your inner elbows, washing your hands frequently and getting vaccinated. But perhaps the most effective is to stay home when you’re sick.
In the United States, 57 million workers have no paid sick days, which means that if H1N1 does make an appearance at their work (or their children's school), staying home will not be an option. Workers need the opportunity to earn paid sick time at a basic standard in order to ensure good public (and personal) health.

Please take care of your family and your health today by asking your representative to support the Healthy Families Act, which would give workers the chance to earn up to 7 days of earned sick time per year.


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