Another Op-Ed in Support of Industry Partnerships

As the budget debate continues, so too does the plight of the Industry Partnership program. In today's Patriot-News, Dr. Roger Longenderfer discusses the critical need for the program:

Senate Bill 850, which is now the basis for budget negotiations, zeroed out the governor's recommended funding for some of Pennsylvania's most successful work force development programs, industry partnerships and incumbent worker training.

This has indeed become a budget about priorities. But certainly, and especially in our economic climate, programs that help our state develop a stronger work force should be a priority.

The elimination of these funds could dismantle a work force system that is thriving in south-central Pennsylvania and has produced real results for its workers, its businesses and the economy. Our state's work force development system takes an industry-led, demand-driven approach, connecting training and education programs to the critical needs of industry.

The Industry Partnership (IP) program allows employers to improve and expand their workforce by bringing together companies committed to the development of their workforce. This program provides workers with access to skills training, allowing them to maintain their jobs and/or obtain employment with sufficient wages to adequately support their families. More than 6,300 businesses are involved with more than 70 IPs across the state, providing a powerful, cost-effective way to recruit and retain a 21st century workforce in Pennsylvania.

Some of the recent articles by PathWays PA on the IP program can be found below:


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