In Philadelphia, You Have the Right to Unpaid Leave Due to Domestic or Sexual Violence

In January 2009, a law in Philadelphia went into effect providing victims of domestic or sexual violence with between 4 and 8 weeks of work leave to cope with the aftermath of this violence. Specifically, workers may do any of the following for themselves or their household/family member:

  • Seek medical attention for physical or psychological injuries;
  • Obtain help from an organization that provides services to domestic or sexual violence victims;
  • Obtain counseling or therapy;
  • Make safety plans, including possibly relocating to increase safety;
  • Seek legal assistance.
To learn more about these rights, you can download the poster on unpaid leave or visit the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations.

These rights are set to expire on January 5, 2010. Please tell your City Council members how important these rights are!


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