Industry Partnerships: A Student’s Perspective

Even though students are learning, and employers are benefiting from the Industry Partnership program, budget proposals before the Pennsylvania General Assembly cut or eliminate the program.

Pennsylvania’s Industry Partnerships are working by connecting the workforce to education and training programs, which are a critical need for industry today. Please call your legislators now, ask them to support the Industry Partnerships, and related training activities.

PathWays PA works with the Industry Partnership program through convening the Delaware County Healthcare Partnership, where the goal is to meet employers’ needs while also providing low-wage healthcare workers with the tools necessary to advance in earnings. Through this Partnership, workers improve their Math and English skills for the Nursing Entrance Exam. Those who need to also learn English as a second language to improve workplace communication and enhance job performance.

Over 550 people took part in the courses over the past year, and even more are on the mailing and waiting list. Below are some comments students shared with us about the English as a Second Language course offered by PathWays in partnership with local employers. These comments help put into perspective the true need and want for these courses.

  • “The classes have been an enrichment in my life, and others, as we [now] believe there is no limit to education.”
  • “There is better communication among the staff [because of these classes].”
  • “Since I started the English as a Second Language class, I have gained more confidence when communicating with my colleagues. I have noticed [a] great difference in the way the residents at my place of work understand what I am saying. This has made work easier since I [now] do not spend a lot of time trying to communicate.”
  • “The class…teaches us a lot of what we don’t know. It prepares us to go forward in whatever we want to achieve in life.”
  • “I was not fortunate enough to finish school and by attending [the class] I was able to learn how to read, write, and even speak properly. Continuing this class would be very helpful to me and any other individual who wishes to advance their educational background.”
  • “These classes are very important to me.
  • “[These classes] help me to interact with people at work and school. These classes make me able to help my children do their homework.”

Please call your legislators now and ask them to support the Industry Partnership program and related training activities. Talking points are available from Workforce PA, as is a sample letter to send to legislators (please email with any legislators you contact as well).


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