Dispelling the Myths: Yes, Virginia, We Do Need Health Care Reform

As tensions rise over health care reform, a great deal of misinformation is being portrayed as the truth. Over the course of the coming days, PathWays PA will be working to dispel these myths and share important information about the reform efforts at least twice a week. You can follow all of these posts by looking for the tag “hcr” in the sidebar.

As shown by the numbers from HealthReform.gov, the current system is not working here in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvanians are not getting the care they need and deserve
  • 1,206,100 residents currently are without health care coverage
  • 21% of women over the age of 50 have not had a mammogram in the last 2 years
  • 17% of children have not visited a dentist in the last year
  • 28% of seniors did not receive the flu vaccine in the last year
The current cost is too high
  • Since 2000, the average family premiums have increased by 103 percent
  • Medical costs are rising three times faster than inflation
  • 19 percent of middle-income Pennsylvania families spend more than 10 percent of their income on health care
  • 10 percent of all Pennsylvanians report that high costs kept them from visiting a doctor
  • Businesses and families in Pennsylvania are paying a “hidden tax” of an estimate $900 a year on premiums to subsidize the cost of the uninsured
The choices are limited
  • 10 percent of all Pennsylvanians are uninsured, and 65 percent of them are families with at least one full time workers
  • Two insurance agencies cover 72% of the health insurance market share in Pennsylvania
  • Insurance companies look at preexisting conditions, like diabetes, which affects 9% of Pennsylvanians, and high blood pressure, which affects 28% of Pennsylvanians, as an excuse to deny or charge more for coverage.
The numbers above show that the current system costs too much and provides too little for many Pennsylvanians. Reform is necessary to provide Pennsylvanians with the health care they need and deserve.

Please stay turned to future posts, as PathWays PA will be working dispel the myths associated with health care reform and provide information on how Pennsylvanians will benefit from this important piece of legislation.


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