Budget Rally: Protect Our Future, Protect Our Kids

Yesterday children, parents, people receiving state services, and those advocating for those services all met at the Courthouse in Media. They met to ask their legislators to pass a budget that would not cut crucial services and urged legislators to act quickly and responsibly.

Social service agencies across Pennsylvania have not received funding from the state since June. Many of these agencies rely on state funding to meet their bills, pay their staff, and keep their doors open so they can provide services to those who are most in need. This lack of funding has been a severe hardship for many agencies and communities, yet budget proposals threaten to cut all or some of their funding.

At the rally, advocates spoke about how the delay and proposed cuts increase unemployment, roll back progress made in education, and gravely effect the most vulnerable populations. Prevention and support services, especially those for kids, which include programs like Head State, Pre-K Counts, and the Child Care Work Subsidies, must continue. One speaker noted that investments in these programs have a $5 to $10 return on every dollar spent.

Please urge your legislators to pass a budget quickly that will protect these services and protect Pennsylvania’s future.


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