Ask Your Legislator to Establish a Establish a Consumer Financial Protection Agency

Seal of the United States CongressWith 20/20 hindsight, we can look back now and note some of the problems that led to our current recession (although some people were ahead of the curve in realizing those problems). Some of the issues came from complicated lending practices and financial products, including subprime mortgages.

In Washington, some legislators are working on a bill that would ensure that future financial products undergo scrutiny by a Consumer Financial Protection Agency. This Agency would independently work towards transparent and safe products and regulations.

If you think a Consumer Financial Protection Agency is the right move, please take a moment to tell your legislators. Our friends at NCTC are offering a variety of contact methods:

Send a letter to your Representative and Senators
Call your Representative and Senators (if you did send a letter, it's always great to follow up with a call)
Meet with your Legislators while they are back in their district offices for the month of August.
  • If you are planning a meeting with your Legislators, please email Lucy Mullany, NCTC Field Organizer, for more information.


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