Unemployment Compensation Being Exhausted

Over the weekend, more than 20,000 individuals receiving unemployment benefits exhausted those benefits, the first large wave of individuals to do so. State lawmakers are working on legislation to extend federal unemployment benefits another seven weeks, but until then those 20,000 individuals will have to go without.

One major reason individuals are exhausting their benefits, is due to the unavailability of jobs. For the few individuals who are able to find a position, many of them do not pay a self-sufficient wage, leaving some with a difficult decision of whether they pay their mortgage or put food on the table.

With so many individuals unable to find work it is crucial that job training, education, and support programs, like Industry Partnership, Adult and Family Literacy, and the Homeowners’ Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program, remain funded in next years budget. These programs not only provide a stable and skilled workforce but such a workforce will bring new business, and therefore more job opportunities, to Pennsylvania.

Please contact your representative today and let them know that cutting these programs will only lead to more individuals on and likely to exhaust their unemployment compensation.


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