Pennsylvania Raises Income Limits for SNAP (Food Stamps)

Good Food Display - NCI Visuals OnlineEffective immediately, the Department of Public Welfare has increased the Gross Income Limit for families eligible for food stamps from 130% of the Federal Poverty Level ($28,665 for a family of four) to 160% of the FPL ($35,280 for the same family).

Additionally, all one or two person households under the Gross Income Limit (160% FPL for most families, but 200% FPL for senior and disabled households) are eligible for at least $16/month in food stamps, even if they are above the Net Income Limit.

Thanks to the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger for this information. You can learn more and find updated materials at their website.


  1. How does a single person qualify for this program since the increased amount applies to a family of four? What is the amount for a single person?

  2. The increased amount applies to all family sizes - the "family of four" referenced here was just one example. I will put up a new post with the numbers for different family sizes.

    If you would like to learn if your family qualifies to receive food stamps, you can contact the following organizations:

    In Delaware County, call PathWays PA at 610-543-5022

    In Philadelphia County, call PathWays PA at 215-387-1470

    For other parts of the state, check the last pages of our Financial Resource Guide to find your county.

  3. 16.00/month? So that would cover one dinner for them if that. Or am I mistunderstanding?

  4. Yes, for some families, all they would receive is $16 per month. Still, that money does add up over the long run - almost $200 for a year.


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