Mayor Nutter on the State Budget

Today at 2 P.M. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter held a rally at City Hall to urge the General Assembly to act on the budget, which would allow the city to raise the sales tax.

Philadelphia passed a budget in May 2009, but Nutter explained that if Philadelphia is not able to raise revenue than that the city budget would require revision and potentially more cuts, such as the loss of:
  • 3,000 jobs
  • 972 police officers
  • 196 fire fighters
  • At least 1 fire house
  • 2 health clinics
  • Numerous other services, including trash pickup, which would be limited to twice each month
In Nutter’s words: "we are not asking for a handout, we are just asking for a hand." In order to protect essential services the city needs the General Assembly to act. The Mayor reminded everyone to be in touch with their representatives.


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