Budget Alert - Next 24 Hours Key in House

Multiple reports are coming out of Harrisburg that after today’s budget debate in the House, members plan to vote tomorrow on a budget bill (perhaps not coincidently, the first of the “payless paydays” for state workers).

There are a number of budget bills, which makes it hard to keep track of who is proposing what. The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center has a spreadsheet showing some of the main funding across various bills. A longer overview of the budget is also available online.

Please take the time TODAY to call your representatives and remind them to invest in Pennsylvania’s families. Your message can be simple – just finish the line below:

“I am a constituent of Representative __________ and I would like to register my thoughts on the budget. If it comes down to making a choice between cutting or eliminating important programs such as Industry Partnerships, Child Care Works, and adult literacy education, or increasing revenues, I choose….”


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