House Bill 1: A Cost-Effective Plan to Modernize and Expand adultBasic

Doctor's Office in New OrleansThe House Insurance Committee passed a bill to modernize and expand adultBasic health insurance for working-age adults.

Currently, an estimated 44,000 individuals have private coverage through adultBasic and 235,000 are on the waiting list. House Bill 1 would increase enrollment by next June to 130,000 and then hold it at that level for the following three years and most of the increase would be funded by federal dollars.

This plan would almost triple the enrollment in adultBasic at a cost that is only 25% higher than the current spending. House Bill 1 will also, over time, reduce what the state currently pays when uninsured individuals receive care in hospitals and move us toward health care for all in a manner that is cost effective.

Please contact your local representatives to let them know you support this bill!


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