For the Record: PathWays PA's Statement on the Healthy Families Act and the FIRST Act

PathWays PA was given the opportunity to submit a statement for the record regarding the Healthy Families Act and the FIRST Act. Below is a short quote - you can find the full statement on our website:

PathWays PA would like to commend the Subcommittee on Workforce Protections for holding hearings to discuss the need for a minimum paid leave standard as depicted in H.R. 2460, the Healthy Families Act (HFA), and H.R. 2339, the Family Income to Respond to Significant Transitions (FIRST) Act. Both of these bills would provide much needed opportunities for workers to earn time to care for themselves, their children, and their families.

In short, we support these bills for the following reasons:

  • Paid Leave is a Limited, Regulated Benefit Earned by Workers: Paid leave bills establish a minimum workplace standard that would allow workers to earn a limited amount of time to care for themselves or their families.
  • Paid Leave Makes Businesses Stronger: Paid leave programs increase productivity, decrease turnover, and provide substantial savings for businesses.
  • Paid Leave is Necessary to Strong Working Families: Paid leave gives parents the opportunity to be with their children while they are ill, leading to faster recovery times and better health outcomes.
  • Paid Leave Makes Sense Even in This Economy: Paid leave policies do not create job loss, but they do allow caregiving without loss of income.


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