SB 850 – To Heal Budget Cuts, We Will Need Many Voices

ScissorSenate Bill 850 passed in the Senate and is now on to the House. This bill eliminates many programs and commissions important to Pennsylvanians. Below are just some of the many items SB 850 would cut or eliminate. The programs listed fund many child and education services, as well as Commissions, that ensure the voices of Pennsylvanians are heard in Harrisburg.

Industry Partnerships funding is eliminated. This program was created under the Job Ready PA initiative in 2005 and provides grants for technical assistance and other support to seed-fund additional industry partnerships in the Commonwealth.
Children and Families – SB 850 would
  • Cut $23 million from Keystone Stars and Child Care Works,
    7,700 children fewer children would be served
    Cuts would cause PA to lose $60 million in stimulus funding
  • Cut $19.7 million from Head Start Supplemental Assistance
    2,800 fewer children would be served
  • Cut $13.9 million from Infant/Toddler Early Intervention
    1,700 fewer children would be served
    However, PA is required by law to serve every child eligible for the program
  • Cut $3.8 million from the Nurse-Family Partnership
    850 fewer at-risk families would be served
  • Cut $51.8 million from the Governor’s proposed appropriation for Pre-K Counts
    6,500 fewer children would be served
Commissions – SB 850 would eliminate the
  • Pennsylvania Commission for Women
  • Governor’s Advisory Commission on African American Affairs
  • Governor’s Advisory Commission on Asian American Affairs
  • Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs
  • Governor’s Commission on Children and Families
  • Governor’s Commission on Training America’s Teachers
  • Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
  • Governor’s Advisory Council on Rural Affairs
  • Funding for Grants for the Arts
These are just a few of the many cuts that would occur if SB 850 is enacted. It is imperative for Senators and Representatives to understand just how important all of these programs are. If these programs are important to you or your clients, please write your Senators and Representatives today to help prevent cuts to these vital services. Please click here to find your local representative.


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