Married? Have Children? In Pennsylvania, Employers Can Still Ask

Marriage certificateIn the job hunt, employers can’t discriminate on the basis of religion, race, or ancestry. But 15 years ago, Kiki Peppard learned the hard way that employers could and did ask her if she had children and if she was married. As a single mother of two in 1994, she was asked time and time again about her familial status, and rejected from the many jobs she interviewed for. Since then, Ms. Peppard has worked in Pennsylvania to end “maternal profiling.” Despite her hard work and some legislative support, the bills continue to die in committee.

Ms. Peppard’s situation is not unique – only 22 states prohibit asking if an applicant is married or has children. She is now asking the White House Council on Women and Girls to take up the case as well. Please write to your state and federal legislators today to ensure that maternal profiling stops soon!


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