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PathWays PA Job Postings


TLP Program Manager
PathWays PA is seeking a Program Manager for our Transitional Living Program located in Philadelphia. Individual shall possess the ability to identify with and adapt to the goals and philosophies of the program. They shall understand the clinical and concrete day-to-day issues that trauma-impacted young adolescents and young women struggle with and shall posses the knowledge to generate and promote programming to address those issues. Candidates shall be able to: promote a positive culture that promotes a sense of belonging and ownership within the TLP community that is in line with the principles of the Sanctuary Model of client treatment; provide overall management, supervision, operation and development of the TLP Program including ensuring implementation of a positive youth and positive adult perspective in all family work; promote team cohesiveness and foster a non-punitive, strength-based environment; ensure that program operates at capacity at all times including ensuring a 3 to 5 day turn around time for filling apartment vacancies; monitor program fiscal operations and ensure that the program operates within the frameworks of the annual budget. MSW or related Masters Degree required and knowledge of trauma-informed services and supervision preferred. Please e-mail or fax cover letter and resumes to: 610-328-2807 attention: LD/BD/TLP

Life Skill Counselor
The Chester TLP Life Skill Counselor will have a BSW or a Bachelors degree in a related field with at least two years experience providing direct services to individuals and/or families. The Life Skills Counselor will be responsible for delivering direct face to face services to clients both in an in home setting as well as in the office and/or commercial/community space. The Life Skills Coordinator will provide weekly self esteem groups and life skills enhancement groups as well as weekly individual case management sessions. The Life Skills Counselor will attend appointments with clients sporadically as needed or as directed. The life skills counselor must be available by cell phone at all times and be available to work weekends and evenings as necessary. This is a full time, exempt position. Please e-mail or fax resumes to: 610-328-2807, attention: CL/LD/LIFE.

Site Monitor
The Site Monitor will be responsible for conducting unannounced curfew, safety and visitor checks at the program apartments, and will assist in handling after hours emergencies. They are available seven days a week between the hours of 8:00 pm and 2:00 am. This is a 10 hour per week position. The site monitor's position has no specific educational requirements. However, a GED or high school diploma is preferred. It is imperative that monitor has the ability to deescalate situations and interact appropriately with clients. This is a part-time position. Please e-mail or fax resumes to: 610-328-2807, attention: CL/LD/TLP.

Experience in bulk food preparation. The cook/kitchen coordinator shall possess the skills necessary to prepare meals for large groups of people (40-50) and shall have knowledge of nutrition and nutritional meal planning. She/he shall have the ability to understand and follow the USDA mandated guidelines. The cook/kitchen coordinator shall possess the ability to manage food and kitchen supplies. The ideal candidate will have the ability to interact with people and will be flexible and tolerant in dealing with our residents. Prefer GED/HS Diploma. SERVSafe certification required - NO EXCEPTIONS! Must have reliable independent transportation. Location is not accessible by public transportation. Please e-mail or fax resumes to: LD/CFF at 610-328-2807.

Childcare Educator
Child Learning Center at Delco Group home. Must have knowledge of early childhood development and ability to nurture and promote positive growth in pre-school age children. AA in Early Childhood Ed. Preferred. Salary $12/hour. E-mail or fax resume to LD/CFF 610-328-2807.

Residential Advisor – Delaware County
PathWays PA needs a caring and motivated individuals to provide support and supervision for our Delaware County group home serving women and children; HS/GED, Associates Degree and experience preferred. 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM and alternate weekends. Second position will work 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM every other Friday and Saturday. E-mail or fax resumes to: LD/CFF at 610-328-2807.

Residential Advisor/Part-Time Weekends - Philadelphia
PathWays PA needs a caring and motivated individual to provide support and supervision for our Philadelphia group home serving women and children; HS/GED, Associates Degree and experience preferred. Weekend hours, 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM and 12:00 AM to 8:00 AM Saturday and Sunday. Please indicate which shift you would be interested in applying for. E-mail or fax resumes to: LD/SIL at 610-328-2807.

Residential Advisor
For Philadelphia and Delaware County group homes serving women and children. Looking for individuals who would be able to fill in as needed during the week, weekends and nights. HS/GED, Associates Degree and experience preferred. Delaware County location would require independent transportation. Please indicate if you are interested in both or one particular location. E-mail or fax resumes to JL/SIL at 610-328-2807.

Mentoring Coordinator
This is a part time position, with some weekends required. The Mentoring Coordinator will have experience with issues related to older adolescents and will have some knowledge and understanding of volunteer recruitment and retention. They shall possess the ability to identify with and adapt to the goals and philosophies of the program. They shall be a mature individual with knowledge of parenting issues, community resources, and the skills necessary to live independently. They shall demonstrate insight, empathy, flexibility, perseverance, and team orientation. A BSW or bachelor's degree in related field of study is required. Please e-mail or fax resumes to: 610-328-2807, attention: LD/GC.

Student Coordinator
This position will be responsible for: coordinating intake assessment, testing for determination of placement, data entry, student orientations, substitute teaching, and communications. Bachelors degree and strong communications and customer service skills required. Please e-mail or fax your resume to: Attention: LD/LK at 610-328-2807.

Part-Time Math and English Teacher
PathWays PA is in need of a Math, English and Science teacher to teach Healthcare Contextualized Math, English and Science to adult students preparing for the TEAS test and other careers in the healthcare sector. Classes will be held late afternoons and/or evenings and weekends in the Bucks, Delaware and Montgomery County areas. The classes will run for 6-8 weeks with 1, 2 or 3 classes per week. 6-8 hours per week and 1 hour of paid prep per week. Pay is competitive. INSTRUCTOR SHOULD HAVE EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH ADULTS. A Bachelor's degree is a minimum requirement. Please e-mail or fax resumes to: LD/EVE at 610-328-2807.

Part-Time Math Teacher
PathWays PA is in need of a Math teacher to teach adult basic math. Classes will be held late afternoons and/or evenings and weekends in Delaware County. The classes will run for 6-8 weeks with 1, 2 or 3 classes per week. 5-7 hours per week and 1 hour of paid prep per week. Pay is competitive. INSTRUCTOR SHOULD HAVE EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH ADULTS. A Bachelor's degree is a minimum requirement. Please e-mail or fax resumes to: LD/EVE at 610-328-2807.

Career Coach
PathWays PA is seeking a Career Coach -- 12 hours/week. The job will require strong communications and interpersonal skills. Work will involve ensuring healthcare workers have the communications, customer service skills, and job readiness skills required to succeed and advance in direct care healthcare careers. Independent transportation to healthcare facilities in Montgomery and Delaware Counties required. Must have at least a Bachelor's degree; clinical healthcare and/or career coaching experience preferred. Please e-mail or fax resumes to: 610-328-2807 attention: LD/EVE

Career Coach/Job Developer
Work with Adult Basic Education/GED students on job-readiness, employment, career advancement, continuing education. Provide case management services to about 200 participants a year through small-group and individual assistance. Engage employers to promote job opportunities. Recruit and coordinate tutors and work in collaboration with teachers to promote achievement. Bachelor's Degree required. E-mail or fax resumes to:LK/LD /CC/JD 610-328-2807

Trauma-Informed Therapist
PathWays PA is seeking quality therapists to provide trauma-informed therapeutic services to women, teen mothers and teen girls in their homes. Must be trained-in trauma-informed services and be familiar with the Sanctuary Model; must also be comfortable addressing sexual abuse, intimate partner violence and crisis intervention. Need to be flexible to work around clients' schedules. Degree in social work or psychology required; license preferred. Philadelphia and some DELCO area. Full time and Part time position available. E-mail or fax resumes to: BD/LD 610-328-2807

DelcoAD Program Manager
DelCoAD is a coalition of agencies, educational and financial institutions dedicated to building the financial health and stability of individuals and families in Delaware County, PA. Primary focus is to provide free tax preparation as a component of a year-round campaign linking individuals and families to asset building resources. DelCoAD is looking to hire one person to provide overall coordination and support to DelCoAD.
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide overall site development
  • Coordinate with IRS, help DelCoAD VITA sites get up and running for tax season.
  • Identify Site Coordinators,
  • Assess volunteer recruitment needs
  • Troubleshoot technical issues.
  • Conduct Volunteer Recruitment, Training and Management:
  • Work with Colleges, Universities, and interested corporate/community sources to recruit volunteers.
  • Schedule and deliver volunteer training, manage placements and provide general support to volunteers.
  • Manage overall operations of tax sites
  • Develop relationships with individual site managers
  • Provide regular monitoring of all tax sites during tax season including on-site visits
  • Trouble shooting,
  • Review of quality measures and policies and procedures
  • Ensure tax sites have data collection systems in place to track information needed for funder reports 

Delco AD:

  • Meetings
  • Schedule and facilitate meetings
  • Take and distribute meeting minutes
  • Manage yahoo email distribution group
  • Marketing
  • Develop list of Delco AD Vita sites for public and internal use
  • Write press releases
  • Oversee disbursement of outreach materials
  • Monitor DelcoAD website
  • Operations
  • Develop and manage annual program budgets
  • Assist with implementation of strategic plan


  • Take lead in organizing special events
  • Identify and participate in appropriate community events
  • Share DelcoAD information with non profits and for profits
  • Identify funding opportunities and complete necessary applications and grant requests

Bachelor's degree
Previous experience with VITA or computer tax preparation (candidate will need to re-certify for 2012 tax year)
Strong basic computer skills such word processing, spreadsheets; knowledge of databases preferred
Strong communications skills, both written and oral; Strong work ethic, good organizational skills
Commitment to the mission of DelCoAD and to working with low-income populations
Local travel is required to travel to partner agencies for monthly meetings, site visits to VITA sites, and meetings with potential partners/stakeholders--reliable transportation a MUST. How to apply:
Please e-mail or fax a cover letter and resume to: 610-328-2807, attention: LD/LK/DELCOAD

PathWays PA is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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