Thursday, May 17, 2012

Taking Steps Towards Self-Sufficiency in Erie

We were very proud to read this morning that the United Way of Erie County will be announcing a goal of
"significantly reducing the number of Erie County households living below a self-sufficiency benchmark calculated by PathWays PA, a state nonprofit organization.

The self-sufficiency standard takes into account categories such as food, housing and utilities, transportation, child care, health-care costs, and miscellaneous items like clothing, medications and other basic needs.

According to PathWays PA, the self-sufficiency mark in Erie County for a family of four is $53,077, more than two times the federal poverty rate of $22,050."
When we last calculated how many families lived below the Self-Sufficiency Standard (in 2009), we learned that 30,000 families in Erie County alone were below the Standard.

To see the Standard in your county, please visit  To see how many people live above and below the Standard, please visit

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