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PathWay PA E-Newsletter: April 16, 2012

Federal Policy Updates


Equal Pay Day is held annually in April to signify the point into a year that a woman must work to earn what a man made the previous year. Census statistics released in September, 2010 show that women still earn 77 percent of what men earn, based on the median earnings of full-time, year-round workers in 2009.

Gender wage discrimination has been illegal since President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act in 1963 but the wage gap persists. Women earned 59 cents to every dollar earned by men in 1963, but progress has slowed and the gender wage gap widened slightly from 77.8 to 77.1 percent between 2007 and 2008.

For more information about Equal Pay Day and ways to be involved visit Business and Professional Women’s Foundation. Also be sure to reach out to your members of Congress and urge them to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act.


Juvenile justice advocates in the Mid-Atlantic region have been making tremendous progress in advancing policy reforms to remove youth from adult criminal court. They are looking to expand the number of signatories to their Justice for Kids campaign's Statement of Support.
The main points of the Statement include:
  1. Trying and sentencing 17-year-olds in the adult system undermines public safety and reduces the likelihood of positive outcomes for youth. Research shows that, compared with their peers in the state.
  2. Raising the age of juvenile jurisdiction makes practical and economic sense. The juvenile justice system is specifically designed to deal with adolescents – and does so more effectively, and cost-effectively, than the adult system.
  3. Adult court and sanctions would still be available for the small number of 17-year-olds accused of the most serious offenses. Youth 14 and over who are accused of murder are automatically transferred to adult court. Those accused of other serious crimes can be indicted as “youthful offenders,” which carries the possibility of an adult sentence.
  4. Treating 17-year-olds who get in trouble with the law as adults is out-of-step with national and international standards. 38 other states and the federal government use 18 as the age of adult criminal jurisdiction and other states are moving in that direction
To view the full Statement of Support click here. To sign on, click here.

State Policy Updates


Through cuts to critical programs the proposed State budget closes Pennsylvanian’s bridge to stability and self-sufficiency. Funding needs to be restored critically needed programs for vulnerable citizens, including General Assistance, health care, and human services programs.

WHEN: Monday, May 7, 2012, 11:00AM
WHERE: Harrisburg, PA (On the steps of the Capitol Rotunda)

To commit to come and to receive more details, CLICK HERE. For more information visit or call (267) 765-6488


The Pennsylvania State Legislature has introduced 15 anti-immigrant measures similar to those passed in other states like in Arizona and Alabama. Below are some of the bills:

SB9: Would make it impossible for someone without an official government issued ID to receive public benefits. It would become a criminal offense for an undocumented person to have the “Access” card provided by Welfare. Many US citizens in the state do not have official IDs: poor people, old people and young people would be affected. This is not a bill targeted against immigrants; rather it is an attack on the poor. Politicians are using fear to promote a law that will negatively affect poor communities across the state.

HB-637, HB-355, HB-439, HB-858: Would establish the use of E-verify in all PA businesses to verify the immigration status of all employees. Businesses that hired undocumented workers would lose their commercial licenses.

SB9 if passed will plunge many American families deeper into poverty and HB 439 could leave many of our local businesses vulnerable to closure.

If you do not support these bills, please sign an online petition. You can also get on the bus on Monday, May 7th to Harrisburg to talk to elected officials about the bills. To learn more about the trip to Harrisburg and to register please call 215-218-9079.

Information and Events


The discussion will focus on how traumatic experiences influence children’s behavior in school, out of school, and their health as adults as well as some healthy ways to respond and support your kids.
**Program not appropriate for children younger than 10**

WHEN: Friday, April 20, 2012, 6-8 PM at
WHERE: Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, 2800 Cheltenham Ave., Philadelphia

Light refreshments will be served

Sponsored by Northwest EPIC (Equal Partners in Change)—DHS citywide anti-truancy effort—in partnership with - PathWays PA • Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church • Drexel University Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice • United Way • Multiplying Connections, Health Federation of Philadelphia • Green Tree Community Health Foundation
This event is being held with assistance from the District Attorney’s office & Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network.


Our children deserve to grow up in safe homes and communities. Child abuse hurts our future. Our communities are stronger when children are safe and secure.

You are invited to the annual Stand for Children Reception

WHEN: Friday, April 20, 2012 4:30 – 6:00 pm
WHERE: The Towne House, Veterans Square, Media, PA

If you would like to attend the event, please email Tonya Diggs or call her at 610-543-5022 x219.

Stand for Children is a collaboration between CASA /Youth Advocates, PathWaysPA and Family Support Line.

PathWays PA Information & Events


PathWays PA is currently recruiting for AmeriCorps* VISTAs to work in our self-sufficiency department and several other locations. There are five positions open, all which will begin in June, doing the following work. To apply for these positions, please visit and search for "PathWays PA" under Program Name.

Veterans/Underserved Financial Education (2-3 positions)
The VISTA member will play an essential role in our financial literacy program, which provides financial education and public benefits outreach. He or she will be directly contributing to the overall success of the program by working to disseminate information to new and current partners, recruiting new organizational contacts, and developing new publications and resources. This work will ultimately improve the impact of our program.

Economic Opportunity (2-3 positions)
PathWays PA is pursuing several new opportunities to build capacity in financial education work. A VISTA member as part of any of these ventures would be key in recruiting organizations and individuals to attend the center, to create and deliver workshops at the center, and to provide data collection, tracking, and benchmarking as this new project takes off. Other potential projects include recruitment, data collection and tracking for a new incentive-based financial education program to ensure clients stay engaged and work towards long-term financial success. This project may include a research-based component involving a control group and a study group. A VISTA presence would be crucial in developing tracking and measurement materials and increasing the knowledge of existing staff around data and research methods.

The VISTA member will play an essential role in our work within the healthcare industry. He or she will be directly contributing to the overall success of the program by working to disseminate information to our partners, preparing workshops, and encouraging healthcare workers in their financial education.

• Bachelor's Degree preferred
• Basic Computer Skills (Intermediate or Advanced a plus)
• Strong Interpersonal Skills
• Strong Work Ethic
• Good Communication Skills – Oral & Written
• Good Organizational Skills
• Experience working with diverse populations
• Interest in Non-profit and/or Financial Education

AmeriCorps* VISTA Benefits:
• Monthly Stipend – Approximately $470/two weeks
• Health Benefits
• Child Care Assistance (for those who qualify)
• Relocation Assistance (for those who qualify)
• End of year Stipend ($1,200) or Educational Award ($4,725)
• Life Insurance Option
• Transportation Reimbursement (provided by PathWaysPA)
• To learn more about AmeriCorps* benefits visit

To apply for these positions, please visit and search for "PathWays PA" under Program Name.


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